Fantasy Books

Created by: Britney S. from Hawaii

Created by: Kaylee T., Kaycie, and Sydnie from Hawaii

Created by Coreen from New Hampshire
Created by Macguire from New Hampshire

Created from Arizona

This is the book Doll People By:Ann M. Martin. I want you to find the items in the picture...

1.- a bed

2.- a stool
3.- 3 books
4- a lamp
5- a leaf
6- a pencil sharpener
7- frog keychain

How these items relate to the book: The bed represents where the doll people get together and tell stories; the stool represents when Grandpa Joe stood in the stool to hang up the family portrait; the 3 books represents the book shelves in the doll house; the lamp represents when the pet cat knocked over the old scary lamp; the leaf represents the magical leaf that fell off the old oak; the pencil sharpener represents the pillow that Aunt-Nette knitted for the family; and last but not least ,the frog keychain represents the keychain that was laying in the middle of the street.
~By Kayla from Alabama

Watch an interview of the main character from the book, The Lost Hero created by Landon from Hawaii

Created from Arizona

By: Quinne from Arizona

By: Carly from Arizona

This is the book The Battle of The Red Hot Pepper Weenies is a collection of short fantasy stories. By: David Lubar. I want you to find the following items....

1- a clown nose
2- a ring
3- a screw bit
4- a hat,
5- a spider
6- a sun
7- a feather.

This relates to the book by the kid in the story "Put your Happy Face on" has a clown nose, the ring represents the moodring in " Moods," the screw bit represents the drill out of the story "Reel." The braces represent the brace out of "Braces." The Sun represents the sun out of "Time Twisted." The hat represents Bad Luck's hat out of "Bad Luck." The spider represents the pinata spider out of "Surprise." The feather represent the feathers out of "Bird Shot."

~By Tre' in Alabama

Watch the scenes from the book, Lightening Thief created by Reyn from Hawaii

By: Roxanne from Arizona

by Bethani in New Hampshire

By: Tyler from Arizona



Created from Arizona


Created from Arizona

by Lucas in New Hampshire

By: Riley from Arizona


Created from Arizona

Watch the never before seen Harry Potter trailer created by Adam from Hawaii

By Brianna from New Hampshire

By Quinn from New Hampshire