Biography Books

This is the book Kelly Clarkson written by Jill C. Wheeler. Can you find the following items ...

1- horseshoe
2- t.v.
3- camera
4- rocks
5- beans
6- netting
7- cough drops

These items relate to the book.The horseshoe means she is from Texas. The t.v. stand means she was on t.v. The camera stand is for the Kodak Theatre. Kelly Clarkson threw rocks at her friends window so she didn't miss her American Idol audition. Her favorite expresion is ''cool beans.'' She played volleyball in her freetime.When her throat started getting sore, she would suck on throat lozenges (cough drops).

This book is called Roberto Clement. Can you find these items?
6.broken come

~By Joshua in Alabama

This is the book Who Was Rosa Parks? written by Yona Zeldis McDonough. Can you find these items below...

2-Sewing kit
6-Walkie talkie
7-Civil Rights cards

These relate to the book. The Handcuffs stand for when she got arrested for not giving up her seat on teh bus. The Sewing kit because she was a seamtress. A Badge because the police wear them. A bus because she stood up for African American rights on the bus. Glasses because she wore glasses. A Walkie talkie because that is what the bus driver used to call the police. The Civil Rights cards because she was an important part of The Civil Rights Movement.